Litigation Support

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Our Litigation Support Services include:

  • Case evaluation by psychological experts
  • Consultation with attorneys, their clients or potential witnesses
  • Psychological Assessment and Provision of Psychological Evaluation Services/Reports and Expert Witness Testimony for Litigation
  • Stress Inoculation Coaching and Client and Witness Presentation Advance Preparation
  • Settlement Conference Facilitation Services

PsyLawSolutions provides case evaluation by psychological experts and consultation with attorneys, their clients or potential witnesses in preparation for pre-litigation or litigation. Clinical Psychologists perform psychological assessment and provide expert witness testimony in any venue, including courtroom litigation, administrative hearings, discovery, and other pre-trial or pre-adjudicatory procedures. Psychological experts will also provide neutral case evaluation and/or testimony services jointly to parties in bilateral or multilateral conflict who are engaged in mediation, collaborative law and other voluntary format alternative dispute resolution processes, or in preliminary preparations thereto.